Another quilt nearly finished and this time it’s for us!

This one is for hubby and I and I cannot wait to throw this quilt over the bed once finished, our room needs a bit more colour as we still don’t really have any prints or artwork on the walls in our bedroom yet. This quilt will definitely brighten the room up though, and I have some new cushions to make which will mix in nicely with the ones already on the bed. All the fabrics used are Anna Maria Horner’s last range, Field Study. The quilt is made in her cottons and I have some of her velveteen to use in the cushions.



This quilt is quite large, it measures just under 225cm square so will hang nicely over our bed. I have only quilted in the ditch along the seams of each square as I just love the fabrics and how vibrant they are. I didn’t want to take away from this with quilting all over it.

What do you think?

So all I need to do now is piece the binding together and attach it, so will get going on that now while the baby boy is sleeping…

Bye for now

Ren xxx

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