We never celebrate Valentine’s, I am not necessarily against it, but I just think it is another money making day for retailers and well, I still think it is nice to do nice things on any particular day. On the flip-side to that thought however, if you need an excuse to go out for dinner or buy someone a gorgeous bunch of flowers then by all means, Valentine’s Day is as good as day as any, take what you can get is what I say.

I cannot actually recall going out for dinner with the hubby on actual valentine’s day, but maybe we have, I can’t remember. We do go out for dinner from time to time when we can get the kids looked after or sneak in a lunch etc, we are pretty good at that.

I did however buy Matt a pressie this year, but there was an underlying motive, I found these mugs here at Lark in Daylesford and loved them and wanted them. It just happened they were ‘his and her’ mugs so ‘bingo!’ a valentines present for Matt but really for me. When he opened them this morning, he knew straight away, but he liked them and I gave him a really tacky card too! We had a laugh.

Pretty cute mugs aren’t they?


And even funnier, the girls saw them when I had ducked out to work this morning for an hour, and thought they were really silly because they didn’t make sense!! All fell into place when I sat the mugs together.

Yes they are cute and a little corny, but love a bit of corn!

Hope you all have a lurvely Valentine’s Day whether you celebrate it or not.

Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Ren xx

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