So, I have been knitting this jumper as blogged here and was on the home stretch and well as you can see in the picture below, I stuffed up. Not sure what I was doing but aligned the sleeve so it was a little out of whack! Don’t worry I ain’t kicking myself too much about it as it is my first jumper and thought I didn’t do a bad job really. I started to try and unpick the sleeve and that was proving to be a little frustrating for me as my seams were pulled together too tightly, I should have left a little more give in them, so I have taken my unfinished jumper here and paying someone to fix and finish the seams for me.


I will knit this pattern again and give the seams ago next time, however I just didn’t need the added frustration in my life this week and wanted to have it finished. I love and am hooked on this knitting thing, just not sure on doing the tricky bits!

Have been busy quilting this quilt, so stay tuned..

Have you paid anyone to finish off a project? I am sure there’s plenty who have!

Ren xx

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